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Requirements Questionnaire

Questionnaire to Communicate Website Requirements

Website Development Process The process of developing a business website involves three stages of thinking: 1. Thinking about the business aspects of the site such as the business use, content, branding and process inte gration – the business requirements 2. Thinking about the visual design aspects such as the layout, the graphics – the creative concepts 3. Thinking about the technical aspects of the site such as the architecture, the platform and the applications – the technical requirements The following questionnaire asks questions that business owners can answer for website developers – graphic designers and technical developers – so that they can design and build your website to meet your requirements. Instructions Select the answer that you want or type your answer in the space or table available.
  • 1. Background

  • 2. Your Business

  • 3. Site Goals/Objectives

    3.1 What are your website’s primary goals/objectives? Prioritise the following suggestions in order of importance where 1 is the most important and 8 is the least important to you.
  • Priority (1-7)
  • Priority (1-7)
  • Priority (1-7)
  • Priority (1-7)
  • Priority (1-7)
  • Priority (1-7)
  • Priority (1-7)
  • 4. Participants

    4.1 Who will be involved in making the decisions about your site? Please identify all stakeholders:
  • NameTitleRole 
  • 5. Audiences

    5.1 Who are your potential audiences, why will they visit your site and how often? (Prioritise them by your level of interest in attracting them where 1 is top priority):
  • VisitorPurpose of VisitFrequency of VisitPriorityRelationship to goals/objectives 
  • 6. Competition

    6.1 What are your competitors’ sites like? List 3 of them by their URLs and describe them:
  • URLDescription 
  • 7. Expectations

  • 8. Site content

  • 9. Content inventory

    9.1 List the individual pages your site will need to contain: eg Home, About, Contact.
  • 10. Site Navigation

  • 11. Site structure

    Please draw a flow chart or diagram in PowerPoint or Visio of the main pages (content inventory headings), the second- level pages (sub-headings), the third-level pages, and so on. See point 9.1. Show the relationship between the pages. Some pages will fall outside the main headings, i.e. contact forms or staff biographies, so list these to one side.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    Drawing Upload
  • 12. Visual design

  • Sites where I enjoy the visual contentReason why 
  • 13. Updates

  • 14. Search Engine Identifiers

    14.1 What metatags will be required for search engines? List phases and keywords describing your site that people . will use to search for it:
  • DescriptionKeywords 
  • 15. Link Requirements

  • Linked SiteAddress 
  • 16. Technical Requirements

  • 17. Process Requirements